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How Being Quarantined Has Changed My Relationship with My Sister

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

Now that I am in my third week of being quarantined, I’m realizing that I haven’t spent this much time with my sister since high school, or maybe even before that. I spend 9 months out of the year 400 miles away from her at school, so most of our interactions are through FaceTime. Even when I am home, I still am not able to spend a lot of time with her because I am interning or working. 


Now that I am home with virtually nothing to do but school work, I have had ample time to bond with her. We have had so much time to do all things we had planned to do and never had the time, and even things we enjoyed as kids. Before I came home, I was kind of nervous to spend this much time with my sister because I wasn’t sure if we would be able to get along the whole time, and after a few days we’d be at each other throats. I am especially grateful for this time with my sister, because she is going to college in the fall, and there is no telling when we will be able to have this much uninterrupted time with each other. 


Although this pandemic has given us a new normal, I definitely think that we should embrace the unexpected time we have been given with family. If we choose to look at this unanticipated change as a time to get closer with our loved ones.

Hi everyone! I'm Nia, a junior Communications major with a Journalism minor. I enjoy sports, skincare, and food. You will most likely see me working at one of the many sporting events at UK. I enjoy writing and I look forward to writing about a multitude of topics!