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How to be Successful as a Working College Student

As we all know, college can be a really stressful time. The pressure of getting good grades while also getting involved in extracurricular activities can be really overwhelming for us as college students. Unfortunately, many of us also have to work part-time in order to pay for all the expenses that come along with college. Being a working college student myself, I have seen firsthand the struggles of balancing school, clubs, and work. 


I think the most important thing to do in order to be successful as a working college student is to be sure to separate your work from your school work/homework. For example, my job involves writing articles for the College of Health Sciences and I am also a journalism major. This means that I am constantly on my computer to write, which makes it difficult to separate what I am doing for work and what I am doing for school. Making sure to only work on things related to my job when I am actually at my job has been really instrumental for my ability to be successful at school while also working. 


Another big thing that has been really helpful to me has been good time management. I have worked hard at making sure I use any free time I have to do homework. I’ve learned that if I don’t do this, I will get behind really quickly. I think figuring out a schedule that works best for you is really important in balancing the many things that we as college students must deal with.  

Hi everyone! I am a senior here at UK and am originally from Northern Kentucky. I am majoring in Political Science and Journalism and am the President of Feminist Alliance at UK. I am very passionate about politics and current events, and I hope to bring a non-partisan view to all the articles I write!