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Homecoming Takes Us Back To The Beginning


A place so endearingly described as “a dwelling place together with the family; an environment offering security and happiness.”

The University of Kentucky provides a dwelling place for all who come and continuously fulfills the need for a sense of security and happiness.

This weekend, the 100th Homecoming, is a milestone for the university.

Currently, the grassy area adjacent from Bowman’s Den is Stoll Field, the first football field. You can see in the photos below, against Purdue, that the campus was a bit different, but the spirit in the players remains. Back then, the university was called State University of Kentucky, simply referred to as “State.”  The conference was not the SEC, but the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

We played the following teams in the 1915 season: Butler, Earlham, Mississippi A&M, Sewanee, Cincinnati, Louisville, Purdue, and Tennessee (I bet that orange was still gaudy). The teams and the divisions have grown, but the rivalries with Louisville and Tennessee are tradition, and tradition is what UK is all about, right? 

We have proven time and time again that Kentucky will forever be “United we stand, divided we fall.”

We have supported our university through the toughest of losing streaks and to the joy of national championships, from the innovative campus construction to the success of national award-winning graduates. We are diverse and we bleed blue.

Homecoming is not only about the football game, the homecoming court, or the weeks’ worth of free food and goodies, but it is where so many come to feel home again. We are so blessed to have the resources to revive the New Commonwealth Stadium that a trip down memory lane makes it a little sweeter.  

So, enjoy your week, Wildcats! UK has so much to offer to everyone as a place of home and happiness; we’re hoping for another 100 more! There are tons of great events planned and we have listed them for you in last week’s Campus Cutie article.


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I am a senior at the University of Kentucky working towards a major in Business and Organizational Communications and a Media Arts and Studies minor. I love scheduling every moment of the day; this includes, but is not limited to, long walks on the beach, horseback riding into the sunset and being a mix of northern sass with southern class.
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