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The Healing Face Mask That is Healing My Life

Photos by Emily Beaucham


I am a face mask addict. The majority of the gifts I receive from friends and family include at least one. I am a sucker for any “magical” face mask that comes across my social media. So whenever the Aztec Secret–Indian Healing Clay face mask popped up on my Facebook, I had it ordered within minutes.


The mask comes in a powder so you can mix it as you want to use it. You get a pound worth of facemask for ten dollars (a steal if you ask me). The container advises you mix it with water or apple cider vinegar. I attempted it with water first, but I did not notice any difference. However, when I used the apple cider vinegar it was wonderful.


Along with the Apple Cider Vinegar, I mix in a little bit of tea tree oil. I have used this mask for a little over a month. This is my star combination:





I only mix about 1 teaspoon of the clay powder and apple cider vinegar, and I add in about 4 drops of the tea tree oil. Here is a picture of my face rinsed with warm water but before I used the mask:


The directions advise that you apply a somewhat thick layer of the mask on your face and that you leave it on for 15-20 minutes (10 minutes if you have super sensitive skin).

The back of the container advertises “feel your face pulsate,” and it is not wrong. It kind of feels like you are getting a gentle facial massage without a stranger touching your face. Here is an after-the-mask photo:


After the 20 minutes, I washed the mask off with warm water. I then washed my face again with cold water to help with the redness. Your face will be red for about thirty minutes after washing the mask off, but I tend to have that happen with any mask I use.


All in all, I really do love this mask. I have persistent acne and this face mask is one of the few that helps reduce it at all. Even if you do not suffer from bad acne, it is still a refreshing and cleansing mask to use. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

My hair is usually frizzy and I’m usually craving coffee. I’m a senior at U.K. majoring in Secondary Education with a focus in Social Studies and minoring in Anthropology. I’m so happy to be writing for HerCampus, and so blessed to be on our executive board for my senior year!
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