HCUK Presents #MemberMonday


Name: Neha Yousuf


Age: 19


Year: Sophomore


Major: Broadcast Journalism


Hometown: Villa Hills, KY


  • What is your position with Her Campus UK? (Staff writer, exec board position, etc.)?

Staff writer


  • How did you get involved with Her Campus UK?


My friend and fellow HC UK writer, Sydney Wade helped me get in contact with HC UK! I saw on my friends’ social media that their articles were being posted on such a fun platform that I also wanted to be a part of it!


  • What is your favorite part about being a writer for Her Campus UK?

My favorite part about writing for HC UK is that I can write about anything! I can really let my creative juices flow and I like knowing that the audience is a lot like me.


  • What is your dream job?

My dream job is to work in entertainment, whether it be hosting on E! News or having my own talk show.


  • What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include binge watching The Office on Netflix and creating playlists for my radio show on WRFL.FM (Nocturnal Nights with Neha).


  • Coffee or tea? (Defend your answer)

Hmm...coffee over tea any day unless we’re talking chai for tea. If I drink tea, it can’t be water and some spices, I like my tea with milk. Even though coffee is superior, it helps you grind for a solid amount of time and the crash is amazing afterwords.


  • Any advice for new students whom might want to get involved in Her Campus UK?

Writing for HC UK is super fun! You get to pick anything you want to write about, the organization is very straightforward, and you never get bored. No one is telling you what to write, and there are endless things you can write about! Don’t be discouraged if your major doesn’t involve writing, it’s for everyone!


  • What is your favorite memory so far at UK?

My favorite memory is probably meeting my best friends Freshman year. They are the best people I have ever met and who would’ve guessed I would’ve found these amazing people on the same floor of my dorm!


Body photo submitted by Neha Yousuf