HCUK Presents #MemberMonday


Name: Sydney Wade


Age: 19


Year: Sophomore


Major: Media Arts & Studies, minor in Communication


Hometown: Nashville, TN


  • What is your position with Her Campus UK? (Staff writer, exec board position, etc.)?

Staff writer and Social Media Assistant


  • How did you get involved with Her Campus UK?

I learned about Her Campus when I got on campus and was scrolling through Instagram. I knew this would be a great way to get involved, because I love writing in the form of an online magazine.


  • What is your favorite part about being a writer for Her Campus UK?

I love being able to express myself about topics that are important to me.


  • What is your dream job?

Media Relations or Public Relations Specialist for a beauty or fashion company.


  • What are your hobbies?

Shopping, Netflixing, playing with dogs, being with friends and family, doing my makeup, watching YouTube, reading about Astrology.


  • Coffee or tea? (Defend your answer)

Tea, I hate coffee!!


  • Any advice for new students whom might want to get involved in Her Campus UK?

Take this as an opportunity to get better as a writer, so don't be so hard on yourself. Enjoy what you're writing and don't let writer's block get to you.


  • What is your favorite memory so far at UK?

Honestly, I've had so many amazing memories at UK so far! However, one of the best feelings was getting through my first year! My first year of college was a roller coaster to say the least and I was so proud to get through it!


Body photo provided by Sydney Wade