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HCUK Campus Cutie: Garrick LaBriola

Name: Garrick LaBriola

Age: 21

Major: Biology (Pre-Dental)

Hometown: Fairfax Station, Va.

Height: 6’1″

Relationship status: Single

Extracurricular activities involved in at UK: Intramural football and Ducks Unlimited


Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo (Fin, Noggin, Dudeeeee)

Favorite Song: “The Crystal Ship” – The Doors

Favorite Food(s): BBQ or hogfish or ceviche; I love food.

Cats or Dogs? I really want an octopus, but dog[s].

Ideal First Date: Something fun. Lunch, then walk/drive around and find something to do; I like to wing it.

Favorite Female Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston

Describe Yourself in 5 Words: Long hair, laid back, weird.

Where is one place you would like to visit? New Zealand

What’s the most romantic thing you have done for a girl? Drove two hours to surprise her and take her on a date.

Biggest fear: Dying in a plane crash.

Who is your role model? My father  

If you had one superpower what would it be? Breathe underwater and talk to animals (all animals).

If you found a genie and had three wishes, what would they be?1) I can think of any food I want and it will appear in front of me.2) Teleportation.3) Bring all my favorite dead artists back to life.

If you were ruler of your own country, what would be the first law you introduced? Taco and Tequila Tuesday

What is one of your favorite quotes? “Is your cat making too much noise all the time?” – Charlie, It’s Always Sunny

How did you feel when I approached you about being a Campus Cutie? Shocked

Jersey girl who loves cats, a good book, and most importantly- the University of Kentucky.
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