HCUK Campus Celebrity: Savon Gray

Name: Savon Gray

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism (print path)

Minor: Biological sciences, african american studies

Hometown: Louisville, Ky

Position: MLK Center Programming Intern and KY Kernel Assistant Opinions Editor


Her Campus: What made you get involved with the MLK Center and the KY Kernel?


Savon: I really didn’t know what to expect when I applied for my position at the MLK Center, but I decided to apply anyways. I knew the center put on great events on campus, and I just wanted to be involved in any way I could.I decided to get involved with the Kernel because I knew that would be a great place for me to broadcast my work, and the more involved I became, taking a staff position just seemed like the logical move.


Her Campus: What is your role in both positions? What are your daily tasks?


Savon: I am a student programming intern at the MLK Center, so my daily tasks include doing research on topics we center our events on, creating presentations, planning future events, and other things of this sort. At the kernel I am an assistant opinions editor, so I edit, write, and upload pieces to the Kernel’s website, and send tweets from the Kernel’s Opinion twitter account.


Her Campus: How do these two positions intermingle (if at all)?


Savon: Well, they are two separate positions, but the Kernel often covers events that the MLK Center creates.The Kernel often interviews staff at the Center, but the positions don’t really mix.


Her Campus: What is your favorite part about both positions?


Savon: I love creating events and being able to present them to students across campus and watch them take away the message we are presenting. I also love the people that I have gotten to meet through the MLK Center.


Although I just started at the Kernel, I like how much I have already learned about editing and how to make pieces better.


Her Campus: In the grand scheme of things, what do you hope to accomplish through these roles?


Savon: I hope to gain editing skills from the Kernel that I can employ at later ventures in my life.Through the MLK Center I hope to gain skills on community building, more leadership, and meet and impress people with my work and ideas. I also hope that the MLK Center is a driving force in creating a more inclusive campus.