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HCUK Campus Celebrity: Olivia Senter

Name: Olivia Senter

Age: 19

Year: Junior

Major: Integrated Strategic Communication

Hometown: Madisonville, Ky.

Campus Celeb Status: President of the Student Activities Board


Her Campus: How and why did you first get involved with the Student Activities Board here at UK?

Olivia Senter: I first became involved with the Student Activities Board my freshman year as a Traditions Committee Chair. My god sister was involved with SAB when she was at UK, and she had recommended that I do the same. After joining, I was immediately impressed with how professionally the organization was run and how much each event meant to all of its members. 


HC: What are your responsibilities as the president of SAB?

OS: As the president, I ensure that we are upholding our core values of diversity, enrichment, stewardship, and teamwork in everything we do. I am also responsible for the external relations, which includes connecting with administration and other student-run organizations and advocating for the board, in general. I meet with programming directors to help them prepare for upcoming events and plan for events for the next semester. Additionally, I am in charge of our selections process when it is time to choose and train associates to each of the executive and director positions. Other than those specific duties, a lot of what I do is to solve problems when they arise and steer the organization in the right direction. 


HC: In your tenure as president, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

OS: The accomplishment that I am most proud of is meeting with several members of UK’s administration over the summer, including President Capilouto, Provost Tracy and Dr. Mock, former Vice President of Student Affairs. I had the opportunity to share our recent achievements, including national recognitions, and goals for the future. Our administration is knowledgeable about student involvement opportunities and the numerous events going on across campus, so it is meaningful to know we have their support. I am always proud of the impact SAB has made on this campus, and being able to share that impact with some of the most important people at UK was extremely rewarding.


HC: What has been the most rewarding about serving in this position?

OS: The most rewarding aspect of this position is witnessing a director or committee chair succeed on a project or event they have been working hard to achieve. I also love when I see our members connecting inside and outside of the office. A few of our directors came up with the hashtag #SABFam, and it is true, because our focus is on the board as a whole and not only one or two of our larger-scale events. Their willingness to support one another and help each other succeed is how we are able to make an impact on campus and enrich students lives, internally and externally. 


HC: What has been the most challenging aspect of being president of SAB?

OS: The most challenging aspect is reminding myself to set aside personal time for homework and activities outside of SAB. We are an organization full of passionate, dedicated people and I find it difficult to step away when “there is always something going on.” 


HC: What advice do you have for students at UK thinking about getting involved with the Student Activities Board?

OS: I highly recommend that they visit our office, 365 Blazer Hall, and speak to some of the students that are already involved with the board. They can also come to any of our events during the entire school year. We have positions for all types of interests and passions. Being involved with SAB has been a life-changing experience that has helped me grow as a person, student and leader. No matter if it is with SAB or another organization, students should not wait until their junior or senior year to get involved on campus. 


HC: How can students learn more about SAB here at the university?

OS: Students can learn more about SAB by visiting our website at www.uksab.org, following us on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or emailing me at president@uksab.org.

"Sam I am," and I LOVE to read. Whether it's Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" or The Mortal Instruments series, I'm always reading. And when I'm not reading, I'm writing; English papers, magazine editorials, you name it! Italian food is my favorite, shoe shopping is my addiction, and I hate cold weather. I'm also a proud member of Slytherin house (we're not all bad, I swear).
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