HCUK Campus Celebrity: Erica Shipley

Name: Erica Shipley 
Age: 22 
Year: Senior 
Major: Integrated Strategic Communciations/Digital Media and Design
Position: Overall Dance Blue Chair 
Hometown: McLean, VA 
Her Campus: How did you get involved with Dance Blue?
Erica: I was a dancer in the marathon my freshman year, and then I served on the Morale Committee and was the Mini Marathons Chairman in the year's following.
Her Campus: What were your responsibilities being the overall chair for Dance Blue?
Erica: They are responsible for the overall planning of the yearlong fundraising process building up to and including the dance marathon. The Overall Chair plans and leads meetings, facilitates goal setting, creates the calendar and is responsible for facilitating the overall functioning of DanceBlue. I also really tried to make sure that I was simply there as a friend to our chairs, coordinators and committee this year. Sometimes there are hard parts to planning such a big event, and sometimes just being there for someone is the best thing you can do! 
Her Campus: What was the most rewarding aspect for you at this year’s Dance Blue?
Erica: The most rewarding part of my year was being able to help the kids, and I don't just mean our patients. Our committee members work for hours each week to make sure that this event gives the kids an opportunity to celebrate life and celebrate the accomplishments they've made. These kids are the pulse behind it all. In turn, this helps the college kids too. It shows them leadership qualities they didn't know they had, it teaches them how far passion really goes, and it tells them that living life with humility and by serving others is the best way to live. 
Her Campus: Any tips for people that want to participate next year?
Erica: Be prepared for this experience to completely change you and mold you into the best person you can be! 
Her Campus: How can others get involved with Dance Blue next year?
Erica: Applications for Chairs and Coordinators came out February 29th, and Family Relations, Corporate, and Morale applications come out on March 28th! Operations and Programming applications will come out later in the fall semester. 
Make sure to check out the Dance Blue Facebook page to see videos from this past Dance Blue!
Photo Credit:
Erica Shipley