'Halloween': Movie Review

Over the weekend, I saw the new, highly anticipated addition to the “Halloween” series.


Michael Myers is one of the most well-known movie characters since his debut in 1978, so as you might assume, when news broke that there would be yet another movie, people were excited.


This movie starred Jamie Lee Curtis (you may know her from movies like Freaky Friday) as Myers’ sister.


The storyline of the film is that Myers has escaped from the institution in which he was being held and is back for “revenge.” He has one goal and that’s to get his sister.


When you describe the plot, it seems a little predictable, but the movie really has a lot of great twists! One thing I really liked about it was the comedic relief used. There were many times that the characters would offer up funny jokes to lighten the mood of it all. However, there were times where this distracted from the overall horror of the movie.


The acting was phenomenal as well and while it didn’t have many familiar faces, I’d say we will be seeing more of these actors soon!


Overall, I definitely recommend seeing this movie. This was a great film to watch, but definitely bring a friend. The jump scares will have you covering your eyes in anticipation.


Binge watch all of them and end your night by seeing the new one! It’s an awesome addition to the franchise and the special effects of 2018 definitely make a difference in the fear factor.