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Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your ‘BOO’

If you’re one of those people who loves to “couple things” with your significant other, Halloween is your holiday to shine! Here is a few couple Halloween costume ideas for you and your ‘boo.’


  • Bonnie & Clyde

This is such a classic, timeless choice. Something like an old-fashioned tux and a pencil skirt, a timely hat, and a button down top would be perfect. Maybe throw in a fake gun or diamonds.


  • JFK & Jackie Kennedy

A great choice for the history lovers out there who want to reference one of the most popular presidential couples of all time. Just wear a little black dress and cap, matched with your man in a suit, and you have your costume.


  • Angel & Devil

This is one of my favorites, and definitely one of the most fun. If you decide to be the devil, just wear a red top with a black skirt or jeans. Throw in fishnets underneath for a more fun, edgy vibe. Don’t forget the horns! The angel can wear wings and a halo, and something white.


  • Skeletons

This is one of the spookier ones, and rather than countering the other, it just matches it. Paint on some skeleton makeup (tutorials on Pinterest!) and wear all black.


  • Shaggy & Velma

This is the perfect 90’s throwback. For Velma, you can wear all orange and some glasses. For Shaggy, go for green tee shirt and baggy jeans.


  • Alien & Astronaut

I love the creativity of this one. For you, a metallic skirt and some fun makeup easily makes up this costume. For him, a simple NASA shirt will suffice!


  • Mr & Mrs Incredible

This is such a fun play on the classic Disney movie! Wear an all red super-suit and a black mask and you are set!


What have you and your significant other dressed up as?

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