A GIF Story of Exam Week

Once upon a time, there lived a barely stressed college student who had enough time in their day to balance homework and life and still have extra time for studying. The well-balanced and breezy life of the college student shifted when the wicked week arrived: Exam week.


It was the one week in the semester where all the syllabi aligned, and nothing but stress could come of it. The college student soon kissed their calm, collected life goodbye and banished themselves to a world of studying. Here is the story of each and every college student on exam week:


The week begins with the realization that you have two tests, a lab report, three papers, and probably a quiz coming up within the next seven days.

Now that you realize the workload you have, it’s time to get down to business.

Well, that lasts about 30 minutes before you realize you can’t study on an empty stomach.

After that, you’re back to the grind. Until you realize, you have like a ton of notifications and you can’t have everyone thinking you’ve disappeared.

Now you’ve actually convinced yourself that you are capable of getting through an hour worth of studying.

You’ve finally made it through one whole hour so you celebrate with another snack, and then get back to it for another hour or two.

By this time, it’s already 9 pm, and your bed is calling your name. You decide it may be time to make your way back home and try to study there.

Turns out that was not the best idea, because you just woke up from a two hour nap.

You tell yourself you feel refreshed enough to pull off a few more hours of work before actually hitting the hay.

You basically repeat this cycle for like five of the seven days before cracking down within the last two. It’s game time now.

Finally, it’s exam time. You’ve been preparing for this moment your entire life (well, the last seven days of it).

You made it through. You survived, and hopefully, your GPA did too. Now it’s time for a celebratory nap.