Five Best Coffee Shops Near UK

  1. 1. Third Street Stuff and Coffee

    I love exploring new places in the area and I especially love trying new coffee shops. I recently discovered this hidden gem, that is the most majestic coffee shop I have ever been to. The entire shop is decorated in bright hand painted rainbow colors and art. Let's start with the outside. The building is completely covered in paint with colors, patterns, quotes, signs and flags. There are two huge LGBTQ+ and BLM flags blowing proudly in the wind. When I walked through the door of this coffee shop I immediately started smiling and felt an instant mood boost. There are so many funky paintings and meaningful art pieces that send all inclusive messages. There is also a little section where you can buy things like pins, postcards, books and more. I am a very simple coffee person, as in I only buy plain black drip coffee, but this coffee was excellent and very cheap!

  2. 2. Common Grounds Coffee Shop

    Common Grounds is always a classic. I like the one on East High Street because it has a very cozy vibe. It is pretty spacious and has a lot of tucked away seating if you want a quieter option. This spot also has really cool paintings on the wall (that are for sale) and they also have live music on some days of the week! They have a lot of coffee options here and I also really enjoy their teas. They also have a variety of food options!

  3. 3. Old School Coffee

    I like old school coffee because it has a great location. It is near downtown and it is in a really cool old building. This coffee shop definitely lives up to its name giving me all the “old school” vibes. This place is pretty small, so it may be better if you are taking your coffee on the go. The employees here are really nice and they also have a wide range of coffee options.

  4. 4. Coffea

    I like this coffee shop because it is right near campus (basically on it). This place is great if you are planning on staying for a few hours and doing some work or going to catch up with a friend. They also have games here so that could be fun if you are going with another person. This coffee shop is not huge, but it is bigger than I expected. I enjoy going here because it was nice and quiet, and I was really able to focus and get my work done. Plus, the employees are pleasant and the coffee is very pleasing.

  5. 5. Manchester Coffee Co.

    Manchester Coffee Co. is very interesting. It does not have the best location, but the inside is pretty neat. It is very modern looking so if you are looking for a cozy coffee shop that reminds you of Central Perk this is not the place. However, if you are looking for a trendy little spot to grab a cup of joe and meet up with some friends, this is the perfect spot. They do not have a lot of coffee options, and it is slightly overpriced, but I must say their coffee is one of the best!