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First Semester of Freshman Year Told By Disney

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

To all of the new second semester freshman, like me, congrats! We made it through our very first hurdle of college and that truly is worthy of a little applause.

So in honor of this celebration and to give a throwback to the upperclassmen reading, here are the Disney Gifs you know described your first semester of freshman year!


  1. Moving into Campus and everything was like…


     2. But hey! It’s K Week! Free Food!


       3. Being asked your name, major and where you are from for the umpteenth time today…


     4. Finding classes on the first day felt like…


    5. But your professor is AMAZING


   6. Studying for your first big exam felt like


7. And maybe you did not like coffee before but now…



 8.  But finding that perfect student organization made the long hours doable (@Her Campus UK)


   9. Realizing maybe you want to change your major


   10. One word: Caturday


   11. Finals hit you like this….


    12. But UK is home now, and you could not wait to get back from winter break!


Have a great second or eighth semester ladies!