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Living Room With Globe
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The First Mercury Retrograde of 2020: Here’s What to Expect

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

From February 16 through March 9, 2020, the planet Mercury will be in retrograde which means it will appear to go backwards- from east to west- in the evening sky. A planet’s retrograde usually affects a certain part of life while it’s in retrograde. Mercury retrograde is believed to disrupt motion, technology, and communication. Astrologers say that this retrograde will cause indecision, moodiness, and nervous tension in humans making it easy to blame this retrograde for communication issues and even travel delays.


In astrology, Mercury is said to be all about mind and communication which is why during retrograde these types of things can be disrupted. While it’s merely a superstition and pseudoscience spread by astrology, many people seem to be affected by planetary retrograde. However, Mercury’s movements don’t exert any gravitational pull on anyone on Earth.


So, what should you do and what shouldn’t you do during Mercury retrograde? Since communication is poor during retrograde, give yourself additional time when you are attending important events. Check twice everything you need to transmit, especially if its travel plans. Astrologists suggest that you don’t make any important decisions during retrograde. Any decision that you make during this time you will most likely need to revisit and fix once Mercury returns to its normal motion.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2020 will only last 23 days, but it’s not the only retrograde for the planet this year. Mercury will be in retrograde again starting June 18th and ending July 12th and will be normal until October 14th through November 3rd. Put these dates in your calendar to avoid any crazy retrograde happenings!

Lucy is studying Communications and Creative Writing at the University of Kentucky. She loves to write, try new DIY's, and binge watch New Girl.