First Days Are Weird

Photo From Unsplash


First days are weird. Whether it is your first day on the job, internship, class or any other first days you will ever experience, they are weird.


My first days usually throw me off a bit. I am not big on new environments and like everyone else on the planet, change. I would like to embrace the change, but it will always seem to throw me off.


First days have you feeling like you are a new kid in school in how they are overwhelming, exciting and a little nerve-racking. Weird first day encounters are not usually about the place and people. It is just a day where everything seems to be thrown at you all at once.


I do not exactly have the most interesting first day stories besides generally feeling out of place. First days leave me in my head hoping I live up to the standards I gave myself during the interviewing process.


While first days are awful, sometimes second days can be just as bad. Expecting my second day would be extremely different was super naive of me, looking back now. I got through it though. I am choosing to embrace the bumps and keep moving forward. Life is not perfect and usually the rockier starts make out for the best experiences.


What does it mean to embrace the change? Days in a new environment with faces you have never met until now are exactly what embracing the change is all about.


Leaps into the unknown provide us with little balance. Thankfully that imbalance only lasts about a week or two. Learning, getting to know others and being familiar with the unfamiliar takes time. Breaking the barrier does not magically happen overnight.


First days are days we all go through multiple times in our lives. That does not mean you should be discouraged because of one overwhelming day. Getting acquainted with the material or whatever you have thrown yourself into takes a bit of time and patience. As time progresses, new faces become familiar, and you do not feel like a stranger tip-toeing around the office.


Do not let the weirdness of the first few days and weeks dull any sparkle you have. First days are weird, but they start one hell of a journey.