The Finals Week Morning Routine

Finals week is typically thought of as the worst time of the semester. However, few recognize how easy a finals week morning routine can be. Understanding how much of our normal routine is taken care of for us during finals week is crucial for surviving the last few days before break.


  • Hair


The best part about finals week is that your hair is already styled to perfection for you. The continuous days of not showering really come together to give you that flawless help-me look. Fly-aways are kept away from your body ridding itself of all that extra pizza grease.


  • Skin

Your skin care routine is also cut to a fraction of its normal time.  With last night’s tear acting as cleanser and exfoliator in one, there is no need for that morning cleanser. Your stress acne will help you fit in more than ever as strangers understand that you are suffering just as much as they are!


  • Outfit

That New Year’s Eve or spring break or summer break diet still not working for you? Well do not worry because with finals week, any third-worn t-shirt will work to hide those extra pounds. Stained sweatpants are a must have this time of year. The more ink and beer stains on them the better!


  • Breakfast

Right before the 8 a.m. exams that will determine your self-worth, it is more important than ever to eat a healthy breakfast. I recommend carbs. Anything from your roommate’s ramen to that stale bag of Doritos from last final’s week will suffice. If you are looking to cut that calorie that, my personal favorite is your typical mushy apple left over from that time you convinced yourself you were going to eat healthy. Like actually this time.


With the finals week morning routine, you are guaranteed a head-turning entrance at the library.


Good luck on finals everyone!