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Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week Preview

I, Jennifer Little, Freshman MAT (merchandising, apparel and textiles, that is) major at UK, am an absolute fashion lover. I cannot say that I am the end-all be-all in fashion advice, as I am a believer of the idea that true fashion and style comes from within a person, as opposed to the common notion that a fashionista must research trends until their laptops die and watch what others wear to know exactly what will look good. With that said, however, it is a major hobby of mine to do those things, as I feel like the clothes people wear is a wonderful window into their lives and the pieces traveling down runways around the world can provide inspiration for our own.

And, speaking of runways, readers with strong inclinations into the fashion world will know that Fashion Week has recently passed us by. To my own dismay, I am gut-wrenchingly broke and could in no way afford to travel to New York City to share the experiences of that glorious week with so many fashion gurus from across the globe. However, thanks to the incredible device we all call the Internet and one of my favorite websites, style.com, I’ve been able to keep up with the happenings and goings-on of the past week. In my very first post I’d like to share with you a few observations I’ve made of some of my favorite Ready-to-Wear collections this season.

10 Crosby Derek Lam:

This season, Lam seemed to have followed a subtly Western vibe; he used quite a bit of leather, snakeskin, and an earthy, yet still vibrant, color palette for his 10 Crosby line. One shade that seemed to come up fairly often was a gorgeous royal blue, as in this stunning printed jumper.


Helmut Lang:
Here, we see four key factors in Helmut Lang’s pieces: vibrant colors, expert color blocking, shiny, sheer fabrics, and intricate prints. Of course, these factors seem to contradict each other, but in Helmut Lang’s Spring 2013 line, they fit together like puzzle pieces we never even knew existed.

Jason Wu:
Honestly, I idolize Jason Wu. So, of course, he did the trick for me again and
 presented one of my favorite lines this season with a few of my favorite things: leather, lace, and red lipstick. It’s almost ridiculous how chic these girls look in his pieces.

Nicole Miller:

My favorite part of Nicole Miller’s Spring 2013 line was how truly wearable it was. Statement leggings, bright colors, and flowing tops were the key features in her collection. Very cute, very college.

Jenni Kayne:
Generally speaking, I like to point out the highlights of a designer’s collection to summarize what they showed. However, in Jenni Kayne’s case, pinpointing a few main aspects of her line is close to impossible. Kayne had Aztec prints, androgynous oxfords, metallic tops, colorblocked maxis, prepp

y tweed jackets, hot pink Twiggy-esque minidresses, and stripes on top of stripes, just to name a few. Definitely a collection to check out for yourself.


Misha Nonoo:
Only Misha Nonoo could make floral patterns and flamingo prints that remind me of my grandmother cute. Her playful style comes through in her collection, as every piece in it is styled with a pair of white sneakers and bright coral lipstick. This line, in one word, can be described simply as fun.

Before I conclude my article, I’d like to also announce a few things.
1. If you see a strange girl taking pictures of people she doesn’t know, that’s me. Besides writing about designers and famous, rich, fashionable people, I also would love to write about normal fashionable people as well. Just because we’re poor college students doesn’t mean we can’t dress well, right? Anywho, if you or someone you know has good/interesting/crazy style, feel free to e-mail me at jpli222@l.uky.edu and we can try to set up a time to get together and then you, yes YOU can be featured in MY next HerCampus article!
2. This Saturday (well, today actually since it’s 1:48 am and I’m the procrastinator of the century), I’m taking an epic quest with some of my friends down to Terrapin Hill Farm in Harrodsburg, KY for their Harvest Festival! Basically, it’s the one time a year when all of the hippies crawl out of their bohemian caves and show their true colors. So, expect a lot of that business next week if you love boho style as much as I do!
3. This is totally irrelevant, but Sunday, September 9 is my 19th birthday! Just had to share :)

That’s all for now! Do you, fashion lovers.

xx Jenn

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