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Essentials for a Long Flight

Traveling by air has its ups and downs. It is a super convenient way to get from one place to another quickly and if you are traveling internationally, it is just about the only option of arriving to your destination. However, flights of nine hours are no joke. Especially if you are claustrophobic or afraid of heights. Here are a few things I make sure to bring with me for every long-lasting flight.


  • Earbuds

You might be saying DUH right now but trust me, I can not reiterate just how important these are. Listening to music or podcasts always makes the time go faster. Earbuds are also important because on those longer flights they often have TVs with a wide variety of content at your very own seat. Bringing earbuds, with a cord, can help make the time FLY with a good movie or TV show.


  • Travel Size Pillow

My brother bought me a memory foam mini pillow for my trip abroad and it is AMAZING. Not only is it super comfortable but it also fits in my backpack or duffel bag without a problem. This is great for those plane rides that only offer a small pillow or none at all.


  • A Good Book

Settling down with a good book not only makes for a nice amount of reading time but also makes me a bit tired. After reading for awhile, you might find it easier to take a nap. Also the more you sleep on the plane, especially overnight plane rides, the less you will struggle with jet lag upon arrival.


  • A Notebook or Sketchbook

Depending on how you like to pass the time, journaling or drawing always seem to keep me busy on long trips such as these. Breaking apart the boringness of a long time spent in a confined space can be done with creativity such as words or doodles.


  • Gum and Snacks

Gum is always a must on any plane ride for take off and touchdown. Chewing gum always helps my ears recover faster from the change in altitude and pressure. Packing snacks can drastically make a difference for your flight because the amount of food they give you is often insufficient for the allotted time. Pack some of your favorite snacks to make it more enjoyable.


I hope these suggestions assist you in packing right for your next big trip!

Hi all, I'm Paige. You could find me outside or making art. I'm inspired to take on another semester leading a great group of girls at UK!
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