Earth Day Shouldn’t Just Be One Day a Year

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. This is a day to recognize the environment and support protections for a cleaner, safer Earth for humans and animals alike.


Reducing plastic and fossil fuel use, eating less, or no, meat and recycling are a few of the choices you can make to initiate this cause.


But why is Earth Day only celebrated once a year?


Earth is our home, and, without it, we would not be here today. Treating our home respectfully and with care is what needs to be done to ensure humans and animals have a healthy, clean place to remain for many, many years to come.


There are three simple ways to get involved with Earth Day year-round:


Get Involved

  • Recycle

  • Eat less meat – go vegetarian or vegan

  • Ride your bicycle, take a bus or walk instead of driving



  • Earth Day Network is a great source to donate to. Each year they support a cause and use the donations to help; 2018’s cause was ending plastic pollution.


Spread the word

  • Use social media to share photos, links to Earth Day websites and donation sites

  • Volunteer


By helping our Earth year-round, we will ensure we will have a clean environment for all future generations.