Dress for Your Success

With the start of spring semester comes interviews. I have several interviews already lined up. Whether it be for a summer job or an internship, we all struggle on what we should wear. Is what I have on too casual or too formal? Does it make me look way too young? All of these are questions we have when getting ready for an interview. I have provided a few tips and ideas to help you look your best for that upcoming interview.


  • Which bottoms to choose?

Depending on the weather and time of the year pants, skirts or dresses can all be appropriate. If the weather is cooler, the best bet is always pants. When wearing a skirt, a flowy one is more relaxed and can be seen as business casual. A knee length skirt that is straight down is more formal. Find these cute plaid skinny ankle pants at Maurices.


  • Business casual

If the interview is for a business or law internship a blazer and matching pants is definitely recommended. If the internship is for something else business casual can work unless stated otherwise.


  • Shoes

When picking shoes for an interview you want to wear a comfortable pair. If you want to wear heels it is recommended that they are three inches or less in height. If you do not want to wear heels, a simple pair of flats is a good option. You do not want to be uncomfortable, as you will not be able to focus on the interview itself. These faux suede heels can be found at Forever 21.


  • Hair and nails

In this area less is more. A simple hairstyle is a good idea as it will not distract the interviewer. If your hair is really long a nice ponytail or half-up/half-down style is a nice option. When it comes to nails make sure they are clean and properly trimmed. If you do decide to have them painted try sticking with light or neutral colors. Bright colors can cause the interviewer to be distracted.


  • Jewelry and Purses

Jewelry allows your personality to shine through during your interview, however too much can become an eyesore. Small accessories are appropriate and add a nice touch. When deciding on a purse a black or tan one is the way to go. If you do not to carry a resume or portfolio, try to stick to a smaller size if possible.


I hope these tips have given you some ideas for future interview attire. If you look the part, you will get the part!



Thumbnail Photo By Brooke Lark

Body Photos courtesy of Pexels, William Stitt and Unsplash