Does Journaling Feel Like a Chore? Let's Fix That

When I first started journaling, I honestly would dread it. It felt like I was forcing myself to do it because I knew it was good for me, but I did not truly enjoy it. I knew that I would not stick to it if I did not like doing it, so I made some changes in my journal. Instead of just writing how I was feeling, I spiced it up so it was more of a creative space for me to enjoy. 

The first thing I changed was I started adding pictures and sentimental things to my journal. I print out my favorite picture for the time I am writing about, or I glue in my polaroid pictures. I also print out fun backgrounds to put behind the pictures such as pictures of flowers or old newspapers and I cut them and rip them to accomplish a certain aesthetic. Other pictures I include are inspirational words or reminders. Adding things to my journal such as tickets, cards, letters or anything that has sentiment to me is a nice way to remind myself of happy times. 

Another thing I started doing was making my journal look more appealing by using all sorts of colors and different types of calligraphy. I like to draw pictures and designs in it too; since I am a creative person this is fun for me and it makes writing in my journal much more enjoyable than using a boring black pen. Stickers are also a great way to give your journal a glow up. They add a touch of color and fun.

My favorite part of my journal is crossing things off. The feeling of accomplishing something is so satisfying. This is why I added a habit tracker in my journal. I like to keep track of things like how much water I drink, what I ate that day, if I worked out, etc. Not only does it hold me accountable, but I feel so good and proud of myself when I check off my boxes! 

The last thing I changed to make journaling more enjoyable is I keep it positive. I write gratitude lists, positive affirmations, my intentions for the day, fun experiences that I had, new things I have tried, my accomplishments and so on. Although it is important to recognize when you are feeling down and to let it out, I have another space for that where I put negative energy into, but for my creative journal it is good vibes only!


Doing these things can make opening your journal a little more enjoyable!