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Do You Believe in Haunted Houses?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

Photo By Terrah Holly


“Who ya gonna call?” If you do not automatically scream Ghostbusters after hearing that, who are you? Ghosts, ghouls, witches and brooms arise from the surface to say “Hi” for a night of haunts on October 31st. If you are like my family and friends, you will probably get a kick out of haunted houses.


I do not mean haunted houses you pay your way into that scare you with tricks of the eye and jump shots. I am talking about houses that actually have a haunting history to them.


My grandparents lived in a haunted house that we blamed when something weird was happening or we heard a noise in one part of the house that nobody was in. In all honesty, I am pretty sure everybody was trying to scare us and it worked.


A few years back all the grandchildren decided to spend the night in the house. You would think running around this house all of our lives that we would not be scared when voices halted and the lights turned out. Yet some of us refused to go alone in some parts of the house once the sun set and everybody started to calm down.


The foyer and attic always creeped me out growing up. It was much too quiet and dark to ever go that way. I was always afraid someone was watching, and maybe they were. But I was never afraid of the rooms that were haunted.


Feeling spooky? While my grandparents house might not be in our neck of the woods, here are three real haunted places near us:


  1. Waverly Hills Sanatorium- Louisville, KY.

Built as a Tuberculosis Hospital, this building has seen a lot death and even coined the words Death Tunnel. The outside of the building looks like a building in a scary movie and has gotten a bit of television attention. Haunted Sanatorium is not your style?


  1. Liberty Hall- Frankfort, KY.

Say hi to the three residing ghosts in one of our first senator’s home in Frankfort. Built in 1796, the home gives more of a Disney Haunted Mansion vibe. The three spirits roaming around the property had a bit of a sad background.


  1. Cave Hill Cemetery- Louisville, KY.

Haunted houses are so last season! Take a trip to Cave Hill Cemetery to visit some ghosts of Louisville’s past. Built during the Victorian era the cemetery provides a bit of chills and a trick of the ears. Visitors hear unexplained sounds walking through as spirits are said to wander, keeping a close eye on what was left behind.


Haunted houses have a weird but cool vibe to them. The history behind them and the ghosts that haunt the properties and the eerie chill you feel walking through. I might not be fond of the haunted houses that pop up during this time, but I obsess over the history not over a house.


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, read a few ghosts stories and visit a few actual haunted houses near your area. You never know what might happen.


Twenty year old ISC major taking life day to day through a Polaroid camera.