Dealing with Conflict

When I started adventuring out on my own, no longer was it my mom or dad who would solve my problems for me. Growing up means dealing with conflict on your own, which can actually be extremely challenging at times.


Dealing with conflict is something that you just have to work on again and again. Once you realize that it is inevitable to avoid, you will be on the track to overcoming it.


One of the best ways to deal with conflict whether it be with friends, family, etc., is simply to communicate. I know that sounds extremely cliché, but it is your best tool when seeking a resolution. You do not have to sit down and compliment them or praise them if you do not want to, but make sure that you are not projecting “you” over and over again. Instead, use “I” statements. It shows that you are mature enough to recognize your own feelings and execute them properly.


Another way to deal with conflict sometimes is simply to walk away. I know a lot of people will scream at that and always hope for a resolution, but sometimes there is not one right now. Maybe in the future you can work on it with whoever or whatever it is. However, for now, if there is not clear and easy solution or you have all ready tried to work things out and nothing is working, it is okay to walk away.


No matter what kind of conflict you are dealing with, know that it is something every single person around you also has at some point in their lives. We are all just human after all, and we can learn from each other. Sometimes we have to be the examples though, and dealing with conflict is an excellent way to do so.