The Lalacheese Plate

Creating the Perfect Charcuterie Board That We All Need This Fall

I have always appreciated a good charcuterie board with fine cheese and of course, a good glass of wine. This has always been my go to anytime I have people over. Something about creating cheese boards has always been therapeutic to me, so why not share it all with you!

With the events going on in the United States, feeling as if these dark nights will never go away, but eventually the sun will rise. Finding inspiration can be difficult/stressful as well and to keep a positive mind set in place for this upcoming school semester, a charcuterie board can never hurt. A step by step guide is down below to create a perfect charcuterie board!


What will be needed:

A medium sized board

Brie cheese

Cream cheese




** Optional ** Half a bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

Step 1: Add your cheese in an appropriate distance from each other. Leave enough space to put the rest of the ingredients on the board.  

Step 2: Add your prosciutto in a rose form.

To make a rose, just bunch up the prosciutto.

Step 3: Add your apples and your cookies.