Creating New Looks with Old T-Shirts

Getting a little creative to form a complete new look is something I challenge myself with. I have found that cutting old T-shirts and making different styles out of them is an easy way to get those pieces of clothing out from the bottom of my drawers.


The possibility of the shirt turning out to be something super stylish outweighs the chance of it not looking right. I figure I might as well try and make something interesting out of it because if worse comes to worse, it was an old T-shirt anyway!


You could do something spectacular to your wardrobe, and maybe even encourage yourself to wear your old shirts more often, by changing up the style of a few shirts that you do not wear too often. I know I have mixed up the rotation of my summer shirts just by taking the scissors to them in some fashion or another.



Here is how I do it:


  • Try on the shirt

Does it look like you have enough room to cut it? Does it fit nicely or a little bit weird? Notice the areas of the shirt you do not necessarily want anymore because you need to remember that once you start cutting it.


I usually cut the collar out of bigger shirts to make them more breathable, flowy and fashionable. However, this does not work for every shirt. If it is a tighter fit, I might take the ends of the sleeves off a bit and the bottom as well. There are quite a few ways in which you can personalize your own T-shirt creations, just use your imagination!


  • Start cutting fabric

When actually making the cut on the T-shirts, hold the scissors still and move in straight lines to avoid jagged edges.



  • Flaunt your new creation or repeat!

Try on the shirt again to see the work you have done. If it does not look right on you yet, keep cutting it to get to the style you desire.



Another easy thing to do if you are not ready to cut any of your own old T-shirts is purchase cheap shirts from Goodwill. I hope this article helped those of you who are interested in modifying the clothing you already have!