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Cool Places to Spend Christmas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

Once you get older Christmas no longer has that same magical feel to it. There is no excitement in getting up early and rushing downstairs to see what is under the Christmas tree.


When I came to UK my mom made the executive decision that we would now spend our Christmas holidays traveling. This was a great idea for our family. We all enjoy traveling and it makes us spend time with each other for more than one day. If the holidays are no longer filled with cheer for your family, maybe try traveling instead of a traditional Christmas. Here is a list of cool places to spend Christmas.


  • Alexandria, VA

Only a short drive from Washington D.C, the city of Alexandria knows how to celebrate Christmas. Make your way to King street for nice restaurants and cute cafes. The city puts on a Scottish Christmas walk every year. Scottish Clans get together and lead the parade in colorful kilts. With Alexandria being on the waterfront they have a few water themed festivities. A water skiing Santa on Christmas Eve, and the Holiday Boat Parade of Lights.


  • Solvang, CA

If you want to experience how other countries celebrate Christmas, without leaving the country, this is the place to go. This city celebrates Julefest, which means Christmas festival in Danish. There is a live nativity pageant with live animals. Check out the holiday beer and wine walk too. There are over 150 boutiques in Solvang that sell a variety of unique items. This lovely city is only two hours from Los Angeles.


  • San Diego, CA

If you are looking to get away from the snow, San Diego may be perfect for you. San Diego likes to go all out for the holiday season. There is ice skating by the sea, which makes for some pretty cool photo opps. There is also a surfing Santa. While you are there do not forget to check out one of the largest balloon parade in the country.


  • New York, NY

Last, but certainly not least, consider New York City as a Christmas destination. The city has so much to do. Go see the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Plaza and then go ice skating. You have to go see the Rockettes too. After that find a showing of The New York City’s Ballet The Nutcracker. Do not miss out Broadway shows either. With all this to do, your holiday season is sure to be packed with Christmas cheer.


No matter how or where you decide to spend Christmas, make sure it is with people you love. Christmas is a wonderful time of year that is often turned into a stress inducing headache. Remember to take a step back, and find the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.  

My name is Micah Hurt. I am a sophomore Equine major at the University of Kentucky. I am also a Resident Advisor (RA). I love to read, explore Lexington (or anywhere really), and listen to murder mystery podcast!