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College is Not a Scam, TO ME: 5 Reasons College Was One of My Best Decisons

College, being secondary education, is absolutely a choice that should be made with good intent.


Deciding to go to college is one decision that should be left solely up to what you feel will benefit you best and for me it seems like it’s always been more education. Going off someone else’s ideas for your life leave you performing poorly, wasting a lot of money and your time.


I could see easily how others would want to focus more on things of trade or simply working their way into something lovely; as long as you have a game plan or an idea of a game plan things can go fairly well for you (even if you do pick college).


Some reasons however, stand superior in my top experience as for why college was the reasonable choice. So this post simply will serve to express some of the added joys that come and are to come from picking more education as one of your first post adolescent decisions!  


  • Reason 1:

You can’t avoid responsibility; deadlines provided by doing even bare minimum with your time (class) allows you to hold yourself accountable. I struggle even but it’s a much needed learning process!


  • Reason 2:

You can curate the life you want and opportunities are literally all around you. Chasing goals outside of academics are still encouraged by most; ambition exudes from a lot of the successful people around you.


  • Reason 3:

Because you picked your university, college and classes, you should be enjoying expanding knowledge on topics that are interesting to you. Even if it’s a foundational class bettering your understanding on Linguistics for example, taking advantage of learning in itself is such a blessing with so many hidden gems in each class you make take.


  • Reason 4:

Re-emphasizing from reason two maybe, but individualism is an aspect of college I think uniquely develops in a college spaces. Whatever you choose to do impacts who you are and will be; being authentic and true in college and in life should be a requirement because why not!


  • Reason 5:

College friends and other relationships! Forever friends are definitely apart of the experience and they become dependable confidants that all people need in their lives. The connectedness you get in the daily struggles really bonds.


These reasons may seem like their offered in other avenues of life but because of my bias of actually participating (in college), it is rather different than all the other choices you can think of.


The biggest and last perk of college I’ll mention is that you’re investing in yourself and identifying you’re ready for the evolution of you.


As stated, college isn’t for everyone and there is no right or wrong decision as long as it best suits you.


To close the idea of betterment however, here’s a statement solely for inspiration and reflection:


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” -Bernard Baruch

I'm Jazmyn, an ATLien with a passion for makeup, good communication and cute pictures!
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