College Mentors for Kids

As organizations here on campus are closing their deadlines and starting interviews, College Mentors for Kids UK is ready to start back with over 100 new students joining their mentoring program.


College Mentors for Kids, nationally, is celebrating 20 years of mentoring kids and empowering college students. For the first time, they are serving more than 2,000 kids a year. Their mission is centered on opening windows of opportunity.


The mentors work one and one with children to provide them with someone who cares unconditionally, opportunities to better themselves for the future, fun activities and so much more.


For the UK chapter, the program works with kids three days a week, every week, from Harrison Elementary and Breckinridge Elementary School grades 1-5.


The Vice President of Fundraising sat down to talk with me about what the program is trying to accomplish this year. The entire chapter has a goal of raising $19,100, including each mentor raising $100 each semester.


 The money will cover a wide range of expenses including but not limited to food, transportation, awards banquets, mentor training, office supplies, recruitment and much more. In fact, the UK chapter is the only chapter to offer a full meal to the kids they bring on campus.


As far as fundraising goes, the organization will be having a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings located on South Broadway on Sept. 13 from 11a.m.-11:30p.m., Mellow Mushroom on South Upper on Oct. 5 from 4-8pm, and Schtlotzky’s Nov. 17 from 4-10pm. However, this schedule is subject to change or be added onto.


The program is always open to donations, and no donation is ever too small.


If you would like to donate or find out more information on fundraising, how to help, volunteering opportunities, or more about the program itself, check out the chapter’s website at or their Facebook page at


People can apply for next semester mentoring on Jan. 3, 2018.