Bucketlist: Travel Edition

There is something about being stuck at school that makes traveling all the more appealing. I have so many places I want to visit. Unfortunately it is the middle of the semester so no trips anytime soon. Instead I just keep daydreaming of amazing places to visit. I have compiled a list of spots that are truly vacation goals, to satisfy my need for travel, until school ends.


This list will feature the location and a activity or sight that is unique to that area.


  • Iceland

Before this year I was never interested in traveling to Iceland. It is not a typical vacation spot for a lot of people. After seeing a lot of photos from travelers I have moved it up on my list. Iceland is the perfect place to chase the northern lights. The northern lights are a beautiful display and everyone should go see them. Iceland is also known for its black sand beaches. These two highlights are enough to deserve a spot on anyone’s travel list.



  • Australia

I have always wanted to go to Australia. I would love to visit all the capital cities. All of them are so different and unique. I would also love to go to Ayers Rock. It is a very known landmark. You also can not miss the Great Barrier Reef when traveling to Australia.


  • Greece

Greece is made up of numerous islands. Those pictures that are all over Instagram with the white houses with blue domes, were taken in Santorini. I would love to see those for myself, but I would also like to go for the history. You can not go to Greece and not see the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Also authentic Greek food. Who does not love food?


  • Thailand

Thailand is a place that is full of diverse history and culture. There are several islands to spend time on. Thailand is full of wildlife and offers you ways to see them up close, without exploiting them. I would love to visit one of the elephant sanctuaries that can be found in Thailand. I am also super hype for trying authentic Thai food.


No matter what destinations are on your bucket list, this is the perfect time to go. If you have the means, make it happen. If you have to go alone, that is fine too. Just get out there and explore the world. There are so many things to see and experience.


Body photos from Unsplash.com