A Bucket List for My 20's

Photo courtesy of Esty


In 20 days I will be 20. As my teenage years come to an end, I think about the things that I can and want to do as a 20-year-old. Things that I was afraid of before or new things that now interest me. I decided to share my 20’s bucket list in hopes of inspiring everyone to take advantage of their 20’s and make the most of them.


  • Explore my college town, Lexington, Ky


  • Explore my hometown, Atlanta, Ga


  • Study abroad in either Europe or Australia


  • Try a new food every month


  • Read the classics: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Scarlet Letter, etc.


  • Travel alone


  • Travel with friends


  • Go on a road trip across the U.S.


  • Create a travel blog


  • Fill my passport


  • Take a weekend trip with my mom


  • Go to a concert


  • Go to a food festival


  • Start a journal


  • Take calligraphy lessons


  • Learn a new language, preferably Italian


  • Graduate from the University of Kentucky


  • Apply and graduate from Grad School with a Masters in Clinical Psychology


  • Apply for PhD program, Forensic Psychology


  • Score my dream job, working for a police department as their forensic psychologist


I want to make the most of my 20’s and enjoy them. I do not know if I will accomplish everything on this list, but I would like to try. I plan on crossing one of these off on my 20th birthday. April 19th will be the start of me trying new things and learning about the world around me. I feel like this bucket list will help me learn who I am and what my interests are.

Photo courtesy of Esty


Thumbnail photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters