A Brief Critique of America's 2017

Photo By Trent Yarnell


Society. America. The world. We have gone through alot this year. Am I surprised? Nope. Disappointed? A bit, but when I look back on my predictions more than a year ago when Donald Trump became president-elect I knew that the world was not going to get much better.


No, I am not blaming YOUR president for the world’s problems, but I am blaming Donnie for some of the saddest events this year. Families being separated due to YOUR president and then calling white supremacists, “nice people” after a rally where one fatality occurred. A rally that took place by white supremacists that rightfully felt endorsed by dear old Donnie might I add.


Oh, the cherry on top of this made in  America catastrophe? He told the widow of slain Army sergeant La David T. Johnson that “he knew what he signed up for” and did not even refer to Sergeant Johnson by his name during their conversation.  


Despite having YOUR president in office there is some hope for 2018. Donnie himself could be impeached as well as his entire cabinet of real-world super villains. That would put the world one (or several) impeachments closer to international peace and solidarity.


It must be a let down of a year when the best thing to happen in the entire world is that I stopped eating cows.