The Bond Between Cousins

Cousins -- you either hate them or you love them. These individuals can be your best friends in life or your worst nightmare. This article is about how my cousin became more than just my best friend.


Being the only daughter between two boys left me craving a sisterly bond as I grew older, but I never realized that bond had been created since my infancy. My older cousin grew up directly behind me and like I was the only daughter with boys as siblings.


We grew up with plenty of brothers for the both of us due to older and younger male cousins who lived right in that small area with us. So, of course, being the only two girls we clicked whether it was right away for both of us or not.


My older cousin visited me almost daily when I was little. If you ask her today what I was to her then, she’d say I was her living baby doll and vise-versa for me. My cousin was and, still is, who I go to for advice on a daily basis. We talk constantly about stuff whether it be random or intentional topics.


This young woman, almost 10 years older than me, is my big sister, my cousin and my best friend. She keeps me sane and blessed me with the ability to be an honorary aunt to three little boys. I spoil them rotten and do all that I can for these boys and their mama.


So, cousins may just be cousins to some or acquaintances, but my cousin is my sister. Keep in mind that people come in all different sizes, packages and roles in which they play in life. It all depends on that person and yourself in how you rise to the challenge and are accepted.