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Best YouTubers: Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

I spend a lot of my free time watching. People watching, Netflix watching and YouTube watching. Most people expect when you say you watch YouTube that you watch comedy channels, reaction videos, or the recently popular vloggers.


Typically, I do not enjoy watching these types of videos on YouTube. I enjoy watching fashion related videos, whether they be OOTW, seasonal look books, clothing hauls, or other various styling videos. However, most of the popular fashion videos on the platform are from creators who typically buy fast fashion brands and promote cheap clothing produced through unethical conditions.


Fortunately, ethical and sustainable fashion is gaining traction and several smaller channels are beginning to promote and encourage viewers to be more conscious of where they purchase clothing.


A few of my favorite YouTubers who focus on ethical fashion, though they are well-rounded in other areas of content as well, are:


  • bestdressed

Ashley, bestdressed on YouTube, is a larger channel who really tries to focus on shopping sustainably and addressing issues related to fast fashion in her videos. She acquires a lot of her clothes through thrifting and promotes getting basic pieces from very sustainable and ethical brands such as Reformation. She focuses more on trendy, yet timeless pieces to craft her wardrobe making her a great channel to watch to help incorporate sustainability in trends.


  • Elena Taber

Elena is a slightly smaller, yet quickly growing, channel who also has a lot of videos geared toward fashion and style as well. She is big on thrifting and shopping from vintage stores. Her style is very unique and incorporates lots of elements from the 70s and 90s. Her channel is a great option for viewers with similar style interests.


  • Hitomi Mochizuki

Hitomi has more than just fashion videos on her channel, but I am including her because her fashion/style videos stand out to me. Like the others, she emphasizes thrifting and has many thrifted look books. What is significant about her videos, however, is that she focuses on the spiritual side of fashion and what clothing means to her personally. To her, every item she owns needs to have some kind of energy that makes her happy. She also has a very unique style and highlights androgynous fashion.


There are many other up and coming YouTubers who are now focusing on creating content centered around being ethical and sustainable. These are just a few who have stood out to me and have very creative styles.

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