Best Places to Study on Campus

As finals week approaches, many students are hanging all around campus trying to cram an entire semester into one evening. With that kind of work, one needs a quiet place to study. Here are a few places on the University of Kentucky’s campus that are perfect hot spots to work in!


  • The Willy T. Balconies

Hidden behind the electric bookshelves (yes, there are books in the library) are balconies that overlook campus. Many of these rooms need to be reserved, which you can do on their website, but there are big rooms also for public use. It is always extremely silent especially in these areas on the 4th and 5th floors.


  • Dickey Hall Education Library

This hidden library is not known by many. There are many rooms in general all throughout Dickey Hall which are always empty, but I recommend the library. It’s very peaceful with little to no interaction.


  • The Quiet Study in Gatton Business

This one is very well known, but if you enjoy being around people while also having silence, this is the perfect spot. The big windows let in a peaceful lighting and it is mandatory for others to be quiet here.


  • The Second Floor of the Bookstore

The upstairs section of the bookstore is always quiet with readers flipping through their books. Try and snag a cushioned chair next to the window if you enjoy a natural lightening while you study!


There are a ton of secret places on campus to study, so be sure to try these out and see which is to your liking! Most importantly, good luck on finals!