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Best Fall Boots Under $75

I am reluctant to admit it, but the following information wasn’t exactly hard for me to come by. Why? Well, because I own a pair of each of these boots. I may or may not have a shoe addiction, which is unnecessary to address at this time. For now, let’s all enjoy the fact that my vast knowledge of shoes is being used for a great cause. Now, you all can have a shoe addiction as well!

Everyone wants a pair of trusty combat boots to pair with their favorite pair of leggings and flannel shirt. These shoes come in three colors: brown (as shown), black, and gray. What’s the best part about them? Right now, they’re on sale for $64.99 at ALDO online.

These boots can dress up or down any fall or winter outfit. Everyone needs to have a solid pair of black, wedged booties. If you don’t… well, here’s your chance. They are on sale, also at ALDO for $75. Even better, anything over $60 is free shipping. Let’s be honest: I know you’re probably not even going to read the rest of this article after seeing the word “FREE.”

You can’t leave the house without the perfect fall riding boots, especially when Keeneland is in session. You can find these shoes in three great colors: brown, chocolate, and black. Where can you find these babies? None other than our favorite retailer, Target (or as I like to call it Tar-jay), for a steal at $75.

I just snagged these gorgeous suede booties from Urban Outfitters over the weekend. They pair perfectly with those pair of boyfriend jeans you’ve been dying to wear, and are a steal at $70. Plus, Urban Outfitters just opened at “The Square” in downtown Lexington this week. What are you waiting for?!

These faux-suede booties from Old Navy are a MUST-HAVE. There is no “if”s, “and”s, or “but”s about it; you need these. And, after I tell you the price, there will be no need for convincing: these beauties are $34.98. So… why are you still reading this article? Got to Old Navy, already.

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