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The best app/website for any graphic design necessity is Canva. If you have never heard of Canva, it has templates for flyers, resumes, instagram stories and so much more. It is free to sign up, and there are so many options for customization.

My favorite feature is the way you can change the colors of the template. It makes the template feel more personalized. I have created so many wallpapers for my desktop, phone, resumes and even cards. You can insert photos, or even make your own logos through Canva. It is super easy to navigate and export.

One of the best features is the fact that you can export basically any file possible. There are .pngs, .jpegs, .pdfs and many other file forms. Sending cards electronically is a great way to brighten someone’s day, or keep in contact with someone during this pandemic. They offer presentation templates and info graphics which are super helpful for clubs and school projects. Canva is always up to date, and they have templates that match holidays occurring during the month. To keep up to date with Covid, Canva even offers virtual zoom backgrounds.

I have used this website for so many projects that involve design, and I am very confident I will use it in the future. I am excited to see what more Canva will be able to do, and I love looking back at all my previous creations. Just looking at the templates sparks my imagination and gets me inspired.


Hi, my name is Kalista Smiley. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in digital media and design. My hobbies include hanging out with friends and family and doing any type of art project. I also really enjoy being active through hiking or working out. I currently live on campus, and I want to make my college years memorable!
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