Babysitting Ideas for this Summer

For those of you who are babysitting this summer, this article is for you! I plan to list a bunch of ideas on what we can do to make sure that our kids have the most fun-filled, exciting summer imaginable!


  • Boating

Look for a lake nearby that allows you to rent canoes or paddle boats. The kids would love going on a fun adventure and being able to paddle their own boat. I remember going out to this lake that was right outside my town with my babysitter and her brother.

These days were some of the best because we got to take the boat out on the water all by ourselves. As a kid, this was the most exciting adventure and I was so into it. We even brought her dog Trixie on the boat with us too. This would be a fun way to get the kids outside and maybe try something they have never done before!


  • Library trips

Another job as a babysitter, is ensuring that the kids are spending some time learning. Checking out books from your local library or completing challenging puzzles are just a few ways in which their minds can stay sharp during the warm months of the year. By setting aside a couple hours to read throughout the day, they can keep their brains alert for the next school year. Maybe look into joining a summer reading program at the library so they can get prizes as well!


  • Painting Pottery

What better way to let off some creative steam? Going to a local pottery painting place, picking out a cool dish to paint and filling it with vibrant colors is a kid’s dream. I know the kids I am babysitting this summer would LOVE going to “Artful Designs.”


  • Water Activities

Water guns. Sprinkler. Etc. Anything that the kids can freely mess around with out in the yard. This would keep them cool in the hot sun on those days where you do not go to the pool. There are simple sprinklers for kids that you could buy for less than twenty dollars on “Amazon,” at “Bed Bath and Beyond” or “Walmart.”


  • Make Slime

What is more fun for kids than a giant ball of slime? Absolutely nothing. The recipe just calls for water, baking soda, school glue and saline solution. This would be so entertaining for the kids and you could save it for later too!


  • Bike Rides

Taking the kids out on their bikes would be a great way to let them get some exercise and explore the area. I love bike rides now and especially loved them as a kid, they never get old!


  • Obstacle Courses

Setting up fun obstacle courses outside will be an awesome way to keep them active. Kids love competitions and making a big obstacle course as a surprise for them would be great!


  • Chalk

A big tub of chalk will go a long way for the kiddos. Allowing them to create beautiful artwork on the driveway will keep them entertained and outside for hours.


  • Pool time

An essential part of summer. Swimming is always a good time for kids and adults alike. Being able to relax at the pool is such a good destresser as well.


  • Talent Shows

Kids are creative. During my years as a camp counselor, we would always let the kids come up with their own skits, songs or shows to perform for everyone. This made our night so unique and fun for everyone. Let their imaginations run wild, and let them get their creative energy out! If they can not think of anything to perform, you could always jump in and partner with them.


I hope these suggestions of summer activities are helpful for your babysitting endeavors! Making sure that the kids you babysit have an amazing summer is such an awesome responsibility.