Are Millenials As Terrible As Older Generations (And Millenials) Say They Are

Photo courtesy of Alexandre Chambon


An idea has been brought to light that millennials feel a sense of entitlement because of their upbringing. There is an underlying belief that we were handed participation trophies our whole life. This entitlement complex means that we feel the world owes us something, and when it is not handed to us, then we complain. Unfortunately, I think this rumor could be true. At least for a handful of us. All in all, it totally depends on the person and their family values.


However, Larry Alton from Forbes magazine does say that a sense of entitlement is not always a bad thing. People who are considered entitled feel a sense of drive and ambition to reach their goals. They understand that they must work hard in order to be successful.


The cycle of new technology makes the older generations fall behind in “keeping up with the Jones’s.” The amount of technology that has been introduced for us in this time period has undoubtedly changed our world and brought on a whole new mindset for most of us. Kids, teens and adults all take part in the latest iPhone X, homepods, and drones. Social media and the general convenience that these handheld devices provide make for a whole new world.


With all this new technology, though, comes the fear of the unknown. Not knowing how to work them and being unfamiliar with all the change brings on a new attitude towards our generation. Being “stuck on our phones” or “not socializing” is how some see it, but the amount of progress that we have made in new technology is easily an impressive feat.