This App Pays You to Post on Instagram

You don’t need 1 million followers to make money on Instagram, you don’t even need 1 thousand!


I follow at least 200 people who make most of their money by posting on Instagram and I can’t lie, I’m pretty jealous of them. Kim Kardashian is often paid up to $500,000 for a sponsored post on Instagram. That’s more than the average student here at UK will pay in tuition for all four years!


If you have an Instagram account, you could be making money by simply posting to your feed. Granted, not everyone can make $500,000 per post, but you could easily be making $20-$200 per post.


Heartbeat is an app that connects users to companies willing to pay them to post about their products. Once you create an account and connect it to your social media and PayPal, Heartbeat will calculate your pay rate (how much you will get paid per post) based on your engagement rate (the percent of your followers that like/comment on your posts).


You can then begin applying for campaigns! Campaigns are the “deal” between you and the company. Companies will either provide product(s) as payment, products and payment or payment in addition to reimbursement for the product (meaning you go out and purchase the product and then they pay you back for it).


When you are selected for the campaigns you applied for, you’ll receive an email from Heartbeat asking you to confirm your spot and address if the company will be sending you a product. After you confirm your spot, you’ll receive information about what your post should look like and when it has to be posted. About a week after your post goes live you will receive your payment (if it’s a paid campaign) via PayPal!


The process is super simple and anyone can join Heartbeat regardless of how many followers they have!