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All The Single Ladies!

The beginning of a new school year brings a lot of change: new clothes, new classes, new place to live, and more than often it also brings a new love life. Fall semester gives us plenty of opportunities Whether you’re a freshman who just broke it off with a boyfriend at home, upperclassman whose other half just hasn’t seemed to matured, or your now ex-boyfriend just par-took in frat rush and all of the sudden had different priorities (we know how that goes). Whatever the reason, you are now in single land.

But instead of buying bulk in tissue boxes and spending the night alone with Ben and Jerry, rethink your situation. You are a newly eligible single college woman- the possibilities are endless. Here are my top three reasons why being single isn’t so bad:

You have more time for well, everything.
You would be surprised how much time you devoted to hanging out with your boy. Now that you have all of this free time, you can finally catch up on school work, hit the gym more often, and most importantly, hang out with your girls. This is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your friends and also have the time of your life. Post-break up you might want feel like sulking over everything else, but you really should take this opportunity to have a little single fun. Those random dance floor make outs? Yes, you can do those now.

You can do whatever you want.
Seriously. Who is going to stop you from watching a Channing Tatum movie marathon or spending the entire day at the mall? Not to mention you can finally catch up on all of those Pretty Little Liars episodes that you had to miss out on because a certain someone wouldn’t let you near the remote. But most importantly, you can flirt with other guys! So smile at the cute guy from across the bar or ask for a pencil from the guy in your Calculus class that you’ve been eyeing all semester. You don’t need to rush into another relationship but little harmless flirting, (maybe dancing, kissing…) never hurt anyone.

You’re still young.
It may seem like everyone is pairing off or even that some of your high school friends are even getting married! Do not panic. Just because they decided to start their married lives sooner than you does not mean that you have to also! In fact, you should be happy: you’re the one who gets to have all the fun. And as for all your friends who have boyfriends, that doesn’t mean that you have to have one too! The right guy will come along at the right time, so for right now, celebrate your youth and do all of the things you can only do in those fantastic four years (or more for the victory lappers) of college. We all know that the themed-parties and girls’ nights out that we have now don’t exactly equal the same thing for the married woman.

The bottom line is: you don’t need a boyfriend to be happy. There are so many reasons why being single is OK right now. Look at Rachel McAdams, she’s over 30 and she’s still single! In all seriousness, you have so many years ahead of you to find the right guy, and he will show up when the time is right. But until then, go out, watch Lifetime movies, get your nails done, spend all of your money on blue clothes, do whatever it is that makes you happy! Because there’s no reason you shouldn’t be.

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