To All of the Future Beauty Enthusiasts

Article written by Natalia Dixon


To all the girls want to do makeup or are just starting out here are some tips that can help you to FULLY be a "Beauty Enthusiast."


  • Research

YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are going to be your besties. These videos and pictures will be your own personal beauty school when learning techniques and products.


  • Start Small

Makeup can and is VERY expensive. Save your coins! Buy makeup in travel sizes to see if you like it.


  • Primer is not optional

Primer protects your beautiful skin from getting clogged up. The primer is a barrier that is also needed for long- lasting wear.



Sales on makeup are like the Holy Grail! Ulta, Sephora, MAC sometimes have sales but catch them as you can.


  • Sign up for 'Makeup Birthday Clubs'

Birthday Clubs include sales AND a free birthday gift. This can be a chance to try out new products that may be out the budget.


  • Sign up for Points Club

Reward points are a Godsend.They sometimes take money off or another free gifts.


  • Drugstore products are great sometimes better than 'high end' products

The drugstores have really stepped their game up with the quality and shade range of products. Drugstores are great for quick and cheap finds like brushes or mascaras.


  • Palettes make perfect

Find one palette that is your go to. You may buy many pallets but more than likely you are only going to use one. So find one that has a plethora of colors.


  • Blend, sis

When you think you have blended everything blend again… This applies to eyeshadow, foundation, and concealer.


It's going to get ugly before it gets good. Makeup takes time and patience to do. It will not come easy to you especially first starting trust the process.


These are the first couple of tips you will need to be successful. Now go create, blend and have fun all my future beauty enthusiast!