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5 Ways to Assimilate Back into the Habit of “Adulting” After Spring Break

That awkward time where you are no longer on the beach, no longer tanning, partying, traveling, or staying up for 3 consecutive nights with friends… has come. Especially here in Kentucky, the wakeup call is all too real. Today marks the end of my first week back from spring break and as many of you have or will experience, it was the struggle. My body is still accustomed to sleep deprivation and my mind is still trying to block out all remnants of responsibility. I mean, really, how do we make ourselves “adult” again after being so careless and free? Like Sway, I don’t have all the answers; however I do have 5 easy ways we can all come to grips with our college student status, and put our best foot forward after break.

1.     GO TO BED EARLY!!!

I can’t stress enough how painful waking  up for those 8am classes are when you are still on a spring break sleep (or lack thereof) schedule. Set a bed time and try your hardest to stick to it. It doesn’t have to be 8pm; however 11pm is a good time. Trust me, your mind, body, professors, and friends will thank me later.

2.     Watch the weather.

Here in Kentucky, we all know how bipolar the weather can get. You will have a rude awakening (not to mention potential frost bite) if you decide to wear those new shorts and sandals you bought in Miami, on campus when Kentucky is having one of its moods and its 10 degrees outside. If you don’t watch the news/weather there are apps that you can download that will keep you informed, keep a nasty attitude from arising, and make sure you are appropriately dressed. Miami’s spring may be 80 degrees on any given day, but that’s not always the case here.

3.     Restock on groceries.

By this time I know you are probably used to spending money on every meal. When its spring break and you are out of town, why not right? But let me tell you, if you let that become a habit, you and your wallet will be very sorry, very soon. Coming home to a kitchen full of groceries after a long, hard day at school is convenient and one less thing you have to stress over.

4.     Revisit and reaffirm your goals.

One of the best ways for you to snap back into adult reality is to take a look at your previous goals. Create a to-do list even, so that you can have a system for getting the things you need, accomplished. Knowing that napping all day and ordering pizza won’t help you get that 4.0 you are striving for, will have you realizing there is a need for change in your behavior.

5.     Lastly, realize that you only have SIX more weeks to go!!!

This is very important, especially for those seniors graduating in May. Literally, there is only six weeks left. That means only six more weeks of classes, papers, and group projects. So why not give it everything you have left?

A Broadcast Journalism, Human Communication dual major, sophomore at the University of Kentucky. Really focuses on life through the African American Female perspective that is often lost.
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