5 Reasons Why Cat Haters Should be Cat Lovers

It’s a fact that cats are truly the cutest, softest, and most precious creatures around. With all the cat slander that i’ve seen around social media, I think it’s time to put an end to this by educating cat haters out there why they should become cat lovers. From their sweet meows to not picking up poop in the grass, i’m sure i’ll have a lot of you becoming cat lovers in no time. So, here’s a few reasons why cat haters should seriously be cat lovers.


  • Cats are literally hilarious

Cats are one of the funniest animals to have as a pet, and i’m sure all other cat moms and dads can definitely agree. Watching them wiggle their little behinds and pounce after their many toys is actually one of the most hilarious and precious things you can witness. The determination to catch something as simple as a mouse-looking toy will always brighten your day.


  • You don’t have to take a cat on walks!

Don’t get me wrong, i’m an absolute fan of dogs too but i’m totally not of fan of giving them walks on cold or rainy days. If you’re like me, then lucky for us cats don’t require that you give them walks! Unless you happen to have a unique cat who loves walks, then you don’t have to leave your house AND you don’t have to pick up poop out of grass. Definitely worth it if you ask me.


  • Cats are independent and quiet

If you’re a bum like me who spends her time watching Netflix because you might be a little lazy or a procrastinator then honestly why don’t you have a cat by now? Cats are definitely very quiet besides the occasional meow when hungry. Also, if you enjoy naps then you can take a few cat naps with your cat because that’s literally all they do plus the occasional play time session here and there. Of course you’ll have to scoop up their litter box daily but other than that, you literally have a nice, quiet napping partner with you daily.


  • They make the cutest and sweetest sounds

Like I mentioned before, cats are totally quiet most of the time. Every once and awhile they make the most precious sounds. If you have a cat like mine, then you’ll know they get very vocal with their “meows” when it’s time to eat or when you’ve been gone all day. Not only will you love their little meows, but their purrs are basically like a sign their enjoying the rubs you will wanna give them 24/7, and the little “chirrups” they make like birds will have you literally melting. I’m not kidding whatsoever, you’ll be in love.


  • Cats keep you healthy and happy

I don’t know about all you other hamster, rabbit, and fish mom and dads out there, but according to cat experts around the world, cats keep your heart and overall health happy. They lower your risk of heart problems, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide you with soft cuddles. What more can you honestly ask for?!


Basically, cat slander should not happen or be tolerated! Please tell me how you cannot love those innocent fur balls. Also let’s not forget one the most important points, they provide the best cuddles.