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5 Costumes for You and Your Crew

Whether it is just you and your best friend or your  entire girl squad, Her Campus UK has the right costume ideas to help you kill it this Halloween.


  1. The Cheetah Girls

You HAVE to be the version with Raven Symone. Without four ladies it is just 3LW. Sorry not sorry.


  1. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

TBH all you really need is a complete Juicy Couture velour outfit and a hobo bag.



  1. Penelope Disick and North West

Even though you are probably not fortunate enough to afford a day in their lives I am sure you can spare one night. Or a few hours.



  1. Fruit

Ab-so-lutely inEdible! Ok, I am not funny I know.



  1. Cast members of the Real House Wives franchise

Tell your crew’s Teresa not to get too into character or else she’ll end up doing hard time.


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Thumbnail photo from flickr.com

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