5 Candles Every Bath & Body Addict Should Own

Photo by Megan Rohrbach


Before coming to college, I owned a few three-wick candles that I lit on the rare occasion. I did not truly appreciate the beauty of a quality candle. My candle collection began to rapidly grow once I moved into an apartment.


My candle collection grew with every passing holiday and with every Bath & Body Works coupon that fell into my hand. I have finally developed an appreciation for the happiness that candles can bring to a person.


As my candle collection grows, I have easily narrowed down my favorite scents. Bath & Body Works makes amazing candles that provide something for everyone. The company is constantly releasing new fragrances for every holiday and season imaginable.


Certain aromas can have an impact on mood. Lavender scents tend to have a soothing and calming effect. Bath & Body Works’ lavender candle features lavender essential oils that provide a strong yet relaxing smell perfect for unwinding in a bubble bath after a long day of classes. One of my favorite uses for this candle is to light it while I am studying or while I am watching a Netflix show before I go to bed. The lavender candle is the perfect way to end the day.


Of the seasonal scents, fall and winter fragrances are my absolute favorite. I love anything that reminds me a warm fireplace or Christmas. One particular candle I received in 2016 is something straight out of a snowy day.


“Fresh Sparkling Snow” creates an image of fresh snow blanketing trees and the ground on a chilly winter day. The candle features fruity scents like sugarberry, melon and pear. This candle is perfect for anyone who wants a strong, wintry smell.


On the muskier side of the wintry smells is a candle I received as a Christmas present in 2017 called “Frozen Lake.”


The candle was featured in a winter brand called “Camp Winter” which featured natural, winter smells. This candle in particular consists of juniper berry, eucalyptus and lavender oils. Not only does the buyer receive a candle that smells like a cold winter day in the woods, but he or she gets a candle that features relaxing and stress eliminating scents.


My next favorite takes a warmer turn. The beach is my favorite place to visit, so I love candles that remind me of a warm and sunny place. The candle features scents that would remind anyone of a sunny day with a warm breeze and white sands.


“Bergamot Waters” features smells of bergamot, blue waters, sugared citrus and sandalwood. The sandalwood gives the candle a cologne smell that is softened with sweet smells.


Another beachy candle guaranteed to transport the buyer to a tropical island is “Blue Ocean Waves.” This candle features scents like beach breezes, citrus sea spray, island flowers and sun-drenched wood. The summer scented candle smells like wood baking in the beachy sun that is offset by sweet smelling fruit and flowers. The mixing smells create an aroma that would remind anyone of crystal blue waters on a sunny day.


There are hundreds of candles in existence that each offers a unique smell. Bath & Body Works creates fragrances that work for anyone. While these five candles are my current favorites, Bath & Body Works is bound to create something new that I will add to the list!