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5 Beauty Products All Makeup Guru Wannabees Should Own

Photo by Megan Rohrbach


I am by no means good at makeup. I have one go-to look that I use for every occasion. I just darken my eyeshadow as it gets later. I have watched hundreds of makeup videos just to create one above-average look. I panic when people ask me how I do my makeup or if I can do theirs as well because I am guaranteed to mess up.


I am an average makeup artist with a few high-end products and enjoy the beauty of makeup. I wish I was better at makeup, but that is a dream that will never come true.


In order to achieve my one makeup look, I have a few products that I use almost every time. I am picky when it comes to makeup, so I highly recommend any of these products to anyone just starting out in makeup or to anyone who considers themselves a makeup guru. No matter what your level, these products will never fail you.



My all-time favorite is the original “Naked Palette” by Urban Decay. This eyeshadow palette features 12 shadows and a double-ended brush. The shades vary in different earth tones like browns, golds and shimmery whites. The colors do not fade as you apply them to your eyelid and last throughout the day even without an eyeshadow primer. I have owned this palette for nearly four years and continue to use it almost every time I apply eyeshadow. The colors in the palette look natural and compliment any skin tone.


The “Naked Palette” can be purchased for $54.



I have recently delved into the world of contouring, and it is not for the faint of heart. Making cheekbones look naturally chiseled without overdoing it with a dark powder can become frustrating. However, I have recently discovered the “Naked Skin Shapeshifter” contour palette by Urban Decay. The palette comes in two types based on the buyer’s skin tone. It has a unique feature compared to other contour palettes: “Shapeshifter” has nine different shades. Five are a cream base and four are a powder so the user can mix and match to create the perfect contour. Since I do not wear foundation, I find that the cream lasts longer and blends easily. Along with the contouring colors, “Shapeshifter” features color correcting and highlighting shades as well.


The palette costs $45, but it is well worth the cost since the buyer essentially gets two contour palettes in one.



The perfect contour also needs a perfect highlighter. One of my favorite products that I have bought is Becca’s highlighter. The “Shimmering Skin Perfector” comes in nine different shades. I own Moonstone, which is a pale gold color. The highlighter lasts all day and catches beautifully in the sunlight and in pictures. I use the highlighter with almost every makeup look because of its wear and color. The “Shimmering Skin Perfector” is the perfect highlighter to add a pop of light to any makeup look.


The highlighter costs $19.


Skin Corrector

I do not use many products on my skin because it really does not need it. However, a blemish here and there can become highly irritating so that is why I purchased another Urban Decay product called “Natural Skin Color Correcting Fluid.” I own the green colored fluid because green blurs and neutralizes redness. What I love about this product is how a little goes a long way. I tiny dot is enough to conceal a few red spots. On top of that, the color blends nicely under concealer to completely neutralize any redness.


The “Color Correcting Fluid” costs $29.



The final product that has become my newest obsession is a mascara. I am constantly searching for a mascara that gives my lashes volume and length. I have recently started using “Lights, Camera, Lashes” by Tarte with every makeup look because of the quality of the mascara. The formula lengthens my lashes while darkening them and making them appear fuller. Multiple people have asked if my lashes are fake when I wear the mascara and are shocked when I tell them that it is just mascara. I highly recommend this mascara to anyone looking to lengthen and thicken their lashes.


“Lights, Camera, Lashes” costs $23.


These products will not turn you into a makeup professional overnight, but they will help you achieve your desired look a little more smoothly.

Megan Rohrbach is a senior at the University of Kentucky. She is majoring in print journalism and minoring in criminology. Her dream jobs include working for the FBI, book publishing and writing for a women's magazine. When she's not in class or writing, she can be found watching her favorite Netflix shows, taking lots of naps, raving about the Ohio State Buckeyes and trying out a new makeup look. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @themegmeg37.
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