21 YouTubers to Watch Based on Your Mood

Photo by Whereslugo


We all have our favorite YouTubers that we constantly binge-watch, but sometimes it is good to branch out and take a look into the life of someone new. Here are 21 different YouTubers to watch based on your mood:



  • TED (TedTalks)

  • Tatiana Ringsby

  • Tori Sterling


In need of a laugh

  • Joe Santagato

  • David Dobrik

  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon



  • Lost LeBlanc

  • Aspyn Ovard (or Aspyn+Parker)

  • Indy Blue



  • Olivia Jade

  • Sierra Furtado

  • Paige Secosky



  • MissRemiAshten

  • JENerationDIY

  • Mr. Kate



  • Tara Michelle

      - Kalyn Nicholson

      - Danielle Marie Carolan



  • The ACE Family

  • TheEllenShow

  • BuzzFeedVideo


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