19 Reasons to Start Journaling

Upon thinking of what to write for this week’s article, I asked myself what feels most natural and what connects most to readers. My previous social media article accomplishes both and is one I am most proud of: the response I received from readers was truly empowering. All I did was write my honest my thoughts and feelings, treating it like a diary. And I did not hesitate to let it all out. Personally, that article improved my mental state instantly, and further related to other college women.


Realizing this, I am making it a personal goal of mine to journal a thought a day. And, I believe every one of you reading this can benefit from keeping a journal, as well. You don’t need to take hours out of your day to write; simply writing down your thoughts for five minutes in the morning or before bed has countless benefits.


Here are 19 reasons why you should start journaling:


  1. It is your private place to write anything you desire

  2. You don’t have to hold back your feelings

  3. Writing about positive things can boost your mood

  4. Writing about negative things allows you to clear those thoughts

  5. Writing about your actions holds you accountable

  6. Writing what you’re grateful for creates appreciation for life

  7. It can help you improve your writing skills

  8. It helps you gain new perspectives and insights in life

  9. It can relieve stress and anxiety

  10. You can record and reread your greatest memories

  11. You can learn more about who you are, establishing a sense of self

  12. It is calming and therapeutic

  13. It can help you set and achieve goals for yourself

  14. It allows you to determine your greater values in life

  15. You can release all of your emotions in a nonjudgmental environment

  16. It empties your mind, which helps you focus

  17. It can help you keep track of everything in your life

  18. It allows you to let go of the past

  19. It empowers you to keep growing in the future


If journaling helps you with only one out of these 19 reasons, do it. You don’t need to write a book, nor do you need to write every day. But, writing something down on a regular basis can improve your mental health. It can then become a very healthy habit, and you will want to write more. You can even turn it into a fun art project by decorating the cover or bullet-journaling with colored pens. Whatever you decide to journal about and how you decide to do it is up to you, but make sure it feels right, because your life is worth recording.